Portal Branding Service

Happy to serve you, your brand at the top on your Freshdesk support panel?
At HELPDESK, we’ll help you take the first step or SUCCEED in the latest difficulty.

purchase your theme, we’ll be merging it with your brand’s theme. just give us information about your organization’s colors, fonts, logo, hero image, and custom icons. We’ll customize your purchased theme, that will easily blend with your brand theme.
The entire process takes around 12-24 hours and We will create a demo HelpCenter on your Sandbox where you will be able to check all the changes.

After it, we will install the modified freshdesk® theme on your Help Center (it’s free).

If you have your own customization according to your company. here is the customization service

  • Theme Files Deployment in Portal
  • Changing logo
  • Changing colors
  • Changing fonts
  • Changing icons
  • Changing the background image

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